For What its Worth


When a base latrine blows up, killing a Chaplain, Taylor is falsely accused. Goldman tries to have him released, while Johnson and Percell cancel their much needed R&R to help an increasingly paranoid Ruiz. Anderson’s budding relationship with psychiatrist Jennifer Seymour, whom he has saved from a homicidally insane Lurp, is short-circuited when he betrays her confidence to gain information need to clear Taylor.

Director : Ed Sherin   Writer: Dennis Cooper

Betsy Brantry Dr. J. Seymour
Richard Brestoff  Major Darling
Nicholas Horman Underman
Jace Alexander Bishop
Mark Keylon Gibbs
Michael Champion M.P. Sergeant
Penny Johnson Jan Hudson
Geoff Elliott Chaplain Meyer
Rob Moran Aide
Dean Abston M.P.
Mark Ginther  Pvt. Nixon
Wren T. Brown G.I.#1
Skip Stellrecht G.I.#2
Vincent Mazzella Jr Orderly
Brian Sayers Gunner
Geoffrey Elliot Chaplain Meyer
Darren Modder Newbie #1
Todd Eric Andrews Newbie #2
Tad Horino Peasant

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