True grit
(formally called Aftermath)

In the aftermath of the Tet Offensive , our soldiers are exhausted and confused, but still carrying on as best they can. Ruiz’s struggle with cowardice continues, bad feelings and bad dreams finally force him to a consultation with Jennifer Seymour. Seymour herself is in conflict over having to send one of Zeke’s men back into conflict before he’s ready.

Johnson meets up with a very pregnant Vietnamese woman whom he knew when he arrived in-country , a woman who thinks the baby she’s carrying is his. And drunken shenanigan of Goldman’s turn him into a inadvertent hero.

Director: Ed Sherin   Writer: Steven Phillip Smith

Betsey Brantley Dr. J.Seymour
Leila Hee Olsen  Ling
Richard Brooks Martsen
Bruce Newbold Shively
Geoff Elliott Chaplain Meyer
Mitch David Carter Cameraman

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