Saigon (part 2)


Strange things are happening on the eve of the Tet Offensive. Zeke tries to save a suicidal marine, and also has the problem of watching over the daughter of Sergeant Bridger, Stacy , who refuses to leave Saigon until she learns the cause of her father’s death. McKay sends Goldman on a snipe hunt so he can be alone with Alex Devlin , and inadvertently exposes Goldman to serious danger. Taylor tries to win back the money Johnson lost investing in the hotel , and has to bet his ears to stay in the game. Meanwhile , Ruiz and Percell find female companionship in the lovely form of a VC assassin. All of our people are in jeopardy in Saigon

Director: Bill Norton      Writer : Rick Husky

Leo Rossi II Jake Bridger
Antoni Stutz Marine Krusak
Kraista Errickson Stacy Bridger
Kelly Hu Vietnamese DJ (voice)
James Hong  Jimmy (the waiter)

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