I Am What I Am

While on a mission to recover a mysterious Soviet Chopper flown by the NVA, Anderson and McKay come into conflict over leadership decisions; and Percell and Doc must overcome personal hurdles in their quest to pull their weight and remain true to their own beliefs, while not letting their buddies down. Earlier, excluded from a party because of their race, Ruiz and Johnson each find the spark for personal growth --the former with a Mexican-American WAC, the latter deciding to rotate home to pursue "equality" through the political system. Finally , Goldman faces some hard truths when his retired General father arrives with the news that he’ll soon be dead from a terminal disease.

WRITER: David Kemper

Jon Cypher   General Major Goldman
Don Keith Opper M. Sgt. Richland
Kamala Lopez Susanna Lozada
Lenny Hicks Lt. Ralph Winslow
Michael B. Christy Major Mike Duncan
Jefferey Hochendoner  Sgt. Dillon

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