The Ties That Bind


Our guys have been transferred to MACV-SOG (studies and Observation Group) under the command of Colonel Carl Brewster. Goldman is unable to come to terms with his feelings regarding Alex’s death, thereby unnecessarily endangering the lives of his men on their first SOG mission, the ambush of a VC tax collector. Meanwhile, Zeke takes a leave and returns to the world to visit his ex-wife, Carol and their daughter ,Katie.

Johnson must fill Zeke’s shoes and deal with Percell who continues his downward spiral, attacking a "Chowhound" who has appropriated Percell’s care package from home. A "flash" from the past shows up in the form of Scott Baker, now a driver for a Brigadier General.

Writer: Carol Mendelsohn

Eric Bruskotter Pvt. Scott baker (returns as General Elliot's Driver)
Deborah Anne Gorman Katie Anderson
Penny Peyser  Carol Anderson
John Walter Davis Sgt. Major Noonan
Allan Katz Al Monks
Geoffrey Infeld  Sgt. Wolf
Susan Rhee Brothel Owner
Ren Nanami Whore 1
Jeff Tyler  Mail Clerk

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