Non-Essential Personnel


McKay is brought up on charges when he refuses to land a chopper full of wounded GI’s in a hot LZ , despite orders to go in there and look for the survivors of another chopper which has crashed. Goldman is in McKay’s helicopter , and, at the request of Alex Devlin, goes to bat for his rival with the brass. A former lover of Jennifer’s arrives at the base, a famous surgeon, and Zeke worries about losing Jennifer. Taylor and Purcell "liberate" some statues that have been looted from the Vietnamese, and try to return them to their rightful owners, only to find out nobody wants them, because they are cursed. Johnson tries to help Ling’s brother, who repays him by stealing from the barracks. Ruiz saves the life of a Sergeant –Dan Hawke- who turns out to be a Senators’ son, and offers him a way out of the Army , and into the easy life.

Director: Jim Johnston    Writer Elia Katz

Clay  Wilcox ?
Tom Silardi  ?
Charles Frank Dr Grennly
Eddie Velez  Lt. Escobar 
Charles Holman Photographer
Jan Rabson Dr Horowitz
"Sonny" Trinidad Nguyen
Betsy Brantley Dr J. Seymour
Richard Brestoff  Major Darling

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