ZEKE’s confidence and inner strength are shaken when two things happen to him

1/. He is almost killed by a barrage of mortar firing,

2/.He receives a letter from his wife , who asks him to write to his 3-year old daughter.

To make matters worse, our guys are ordered to retrieve and rescue downed pilots who fall in an occupied valley – it’s practically a suicide mission and Zeke knows it. As Zeke’s ability to lead wanes, Percell and Johnson both pick up the slack.. In the end , Zeke regains his confidence and the respect of the men when he risks his own life to save the downed pilot.

Director: Jim Johnson                                           Writer: Robert Burns Clark

Chad Parrot Caldwell
Phil Adams Chaplain
Peter McKernan Pilot
Dean Stapleton Door Gunner
Hung Tien Nguyen NVA Leader
William Allen Young Captain Slaney

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