Pushin' to Hard

Scroll down to find some addittional details from Mark Warrix who gave me a few details of his Tour of Duty experience.


BRAVO co. is sent on a reconnaissance mission to capture a prisoner. With them is a reporter, VICKY ADAMS , who’s intent on getting some good combat footage and who becomes a (fatal) attraction to some of the men. Eventually, WALLACE’s desire to show off in front off the reporter and to forget his unfaithful wife puts the men in great danger and costs WALLACE his life.

Director: Bill Norton                                         Writer : Steven Phillip Smith

Talia Balsam  Vicky Adams-Reporter
Daniel Bardol ??
Kristopher Tabori Larry Heath
Bruce Gray   Lt. Colonel Dalby
Khoi Tran Khoi-(cameraman)
Dung Anh Thai Interpreter
Tu Minh Thai N.V.A. Soldier
Phil Adams  Chaplain
??  Cook
Mark Warrix Uncredited solider

Mark Warrix contacted me and gave me a few details of his Tour of Duty experience.

Great Website ! I really enjoyed looking through it. I wanted to let you know about my involvement with the show.

I was stationed at Schofield barracks during the late 80s, and I was lucky enough to get picked to be an extra on one episode ( Pushin' to hard) I was listed as "soldier" on the direction sheet, but didn't get my name on TV.  There were a few of us that would show up whenever we got a chance, and try to get a part. My boss got on an episode and had a speaking part ( I was jealous)  

My part was running past in the background, I was on for less than a second. My boss was on a different episode, his name is Charles White, he was talking on a radio, I don't remember which episode though. As matter of fact I haven't seen the show at all for at least 15 years.

The Day the scene that I was in was shot was really interesting, we were shown kind of what they wanted, and then we did a dry run. They picked me and another guy to actually do it. We changed into the period uniforms, and got sprayed with some dirt and makeup, and then stood around for a while. We got to meet a couple of actors in passing, and then they asked us to do another dry run. when it was done they reset, and we did it for real. Lasted about 2 seconds total. kind of neat.

We used to show up around Fort street mall on days off also, a few guys got background parts on Magnum P.I. but I never got on.

Thanks again for the reply ! your website is great, and I will look at it again from time to time, It was a great show, and that whole point in my life was really great ( young guy in the late 80s stationed in paradise ) now twenty years later, married, kids etc its all a fond memory.

Best Regards !

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