When Danny Percell’s father is hospitalised after a near fatal heart attack. Danny is given emergency medical leave so he can be by his bed during his recovery in Honolulu. Upon arriving, he learns that his mother and father have finally separated (after years of problems). Danny, who had always felt that his father had neglected his Mum and him, is even more distraught to meet Dad’s new girlfriend,26-year-old JESSIE GARRETT.

When JACK PERCELL awakens we see that he is stubborn, harsh old cowboy who refuses to grow up. Danny initially leaves him with bad feelings. Meanwhile ,Taylor and Ruiz (who had been scheduled for R&R in Bangkok with Danny) arrive in Honolulu to be by their friend’s side. Together they are exposed to the real world in 1967 mini-skirts and negative attitudes about the war. They also see the darkest side of Vietnam—the disabled Vet’s ward at the hospital. There they see first hand what it’s like to come home without all your pieces. In the end , Danny calms a crazed , bitter , paralysed Vet and makes peace with his father.

They return to Nam with a fresh view of the dark irony of the war.

Director: Bill Norton                                                       Writer : Rick Husky

Robert Fuller Jack Percell
Robert Ito Joe
Robyn Bernard Jessie Garrett
Olivia D'Abo Leslie
David Alan Grier Harold
Michael Carine Rudy Morales
Rhonda Bates Leonarda
Glenn Cannon Doctor
Jo Pruden 1st Nurse
Joyce Maltby 2nd Nurse
Brian Schwary Waiter
Joe Moore News Correspondent
David Traylor Orderly
Tony Curry Bellman
T. Khristian Lupo Boyfriend
Lia Michelle Romaine Girlfriend

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