Under Siege

CAPTAIN LARRY HEATH joins our guys as their new leader. His arrival is fortuitous because there is clear evidence that the NVA is planning a big push south—right over Firebase Ladybird. Zeke, wary of the new Captain’s plans to hold fast and fight the approaching army, practically forces his men to help him fortify the base. The men begin to resent their overly cautious Platoon Sgt. (Zeke) and take a strong liking to Heath who showers them with supplies and pep talks. In the end , however ,Zeke’s warnings are right and our guys are nearly overrun as they desperately await the help that Heath promised was on its way. Also Matsuda is killed because he can’t leave his wounded comrades.

Director: Steve Posey                                  Writers: Steve Bello & Bob Clark

Ched Parrott   Caldwell
Kristoffer Tabori  Larry Heath
Bruce Gray  Lt. Colonel Dalby
?? Santucci

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