Gray-Brown Odyssey


Horn and Goldman are on their way back to the base when a booby trap blows up their jeep .Goldman is left blind. As they are trying to make their way back, Horn captures a VC , a woman. After Horn ties up the woman , he leaves Goldman and her to go off and get help. The woman, LI KIEM, signals a passing villager to get help (VC) . Goldman knows something’s up so he rigs his shotgun to her head and forces her to lead him to the U.S. forces. They run into a family (VC) starving to death, and Goldman shares his food with them. Despite this act of kindness , Li Kiem tries to kill Goldman but fails. He, in turn, puts his jacket and helmet on her so she’s equally at danger should she lead them to the VC. Later they run into a villager who hates Americans ,VC , and NVA ,he just wants to be left alone. This ignites a political debate between Goldman and Li Kiem. Finally, they must cross a river (Li Kiem can’t swim). During the crossing Goldman regains much of his sight, and Li Kiem is shot. On the other side of the river, they get caught in crossfire between an American chopper and VC soldiers. In the end Li Kiem dies in Goldman’s arms as Horn brings a rescue team to save him. Goldman returns to the base with a new perspective on his "enemy"

Director: Randy Roberts                                            Writer : Bruce Reisman

Rosalind Chao Li Kiem
Ron Genta Pointer
Bryan O'Dell Calhoun
Le Tuan Vietnamese Farmer
Florence Koko Old Vietnamese Women
Lloyd Kino Vietnamese Father
Ned Van Zandt Army Officer
Loc Tan Nguyen Little Vietnamese Boy

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