Three Cheers For The Orange, White And Blue


The Phu An Board of Inquiry becomes a reality, taking testimony from General Higgins, Brewster, Goldman, Lieutenant Bellar and several of the men in his unit. Pop’s son, a stone killer arrives at Camp Barnett. Anderson leads his men into an area that is sprayed with an herbicide, Agent Blue, which adversely affects Griner and Percell. Unable to handle the board’s decision charging him with the murder of forty-three civilians, Bellar takes his own life.

WRITER: Carol Mendelsohn

Carl Weathers Colonel Brewster
Lee Majors Pop Scarlett
Lee Majors II Robbie Scarlett
Greg Germann  Lt. Skip Bellar
Kylie Chandler  Griner
Michael Fairman Major Gen.Higgins
Peter Vogt Brigader Gen.Elliot
John Lemay Michael Kelman
Joseph Hieu  Chieu
Shawn Levy Budd Sills
Dean Hamilton Spec4 Worthen
Michael Cavanaugh Major General Proctor
Rob Neukirch Colonel Gamble
Tim De Zarn Sgt. Apter
Robert M. Bouffard Private Seaver
Ngan T. Nguyen  Vietnamese Women