The Raid

With Goldman still in a funk over Bellar’s suicide ,Brewster chooses his team for a secret mission – a dangerous raid in North Vietnam to free captured American flyers – and leaves Goldman off. With a former POW as factual and spiritual advisor, Brewster puts the men through hell at a secret training base. Determined to be part of the effort, Goldman and Doc mange to have themselves included in the plan, and Pop is forced to sneak along to be part of the raid. Finally in a dazzling assault, the men storm the North Vietnamese prison only to find the POW’s have been moved—there’s no one to rescue! After a vicious firefight, the guys retreat with their dead and wounded, knowing that they at least instilled some hope in the captured Americans – wherever they are.

WRITER : Jim Johnson

Patrcik Kilpatrick CIA Agent Duke Fontaine
Johnathan Gries Major Rex Chapman USAF
Carl Weathers Colonel Brewster
Kyle Chandler  Pvt. William Griner
Lee Majors Pop Scarlet
Clifton Powell  Luther Fraction
Anne Haney Mrs Griner
Donald Borza Griff
Leesa Bryte  Lucille
Kimiko Eelman  Lieu
Laura Leigh Hughes Billie Jean
Charles Hyman Msgt. Hannegan
Stephen Markce Colonel Mason
Randy Reinholz Spud
John Rensenhouse Dr. Striner
Martha Velez  Mama Ruiz
Harvey Vernon Preacher
Kirk Baily  Bielak
Cameron Bancroft Kemper
Susan Byun Hooker
Daniel Byun Cartmell Cash
Jeffery Corbett MP
Darren Forman  GI #1
Pat Gavin Zemke
Ted King Radioman
Paul Martel N.D. Grunt
Mark Phelan Sergeant
Maureen Pierson Dolly
Rocky Slaymaker  Soldier
Mark Phelan Sergeant
Robert M Bouffard Private Seaver
Warren Vanders Harding Griner