USO Down

On a reconnaissance mission, BRAVO co. runs into a USO band whose copter has been downed. As they try to get the civilians back to safety , our guys must deal with their temporary fellow soldiers. LONG JOHN, the band’s leader is a war monger who has been unable to enlist due to his epilepsy but is eager to do some killing. COLLINS is a frightened, neurotic sax player. COLBY (one of two women) is cold to the men, especially Percell , because she has already lost two soldier/boyfriends in Nam . APRIL is the calmest and the strongest of the group. In the end ,Long John’s overzealous behaviour gets Collin killed. But, He then sacrifices his own life to save Zeke.

Director: Ron Schwary                                                        Writer: Jim Beaver

Stuart Fratkin  (follow the link to read an interview) Larry Carlin
Linda Jameson Christy
George Marshall Ruge Crew Chief
Wade Camben ?
John King ?
Kerry James ?
Joey Turnbull ?
Pat O’Bryan Long John Vivian
Mariette DePalma April
Cynthia Bain  Colby

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