Vietnam Rag

When Goldman and Anderson are ordered to take out a platoon of newbies on a "reconnaissance-in-force", they worry about the effect it’ll have on the the veterans, especially now that they’re used to success on their SOG operations. Complicating matters is a reporter with an anti-war leanings, who will record the mission on film. A wearying, same-old-shit, tension filled sweep ( in which the unit is decimated by boobytraps and ambushes) culminates in the burning of a VC-sympathetic village—preserved for prosperity by the journalist’s camera.

WRITER; Robert Bielak

Lee Majors Pop Scarlet
Charley Lang  Bennett
Kyle Chandler  Pvt. Griner
Tom Hodges Alexander Duckworth
Adam Philipson
Joe Toppe  Preacher
Kamala Lopez  Susanna Lozada
Joseph Kieu Chieu
Tony DeCarlo P.F.C. Jake Kuslits
Keenan Thomas  Baines
Debi Parker Mama San
Robert M Bouffard Pvt. Seaver
J.J.Cohen Uncredited
Matt Nolan Lisson

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