The Short Timer

As Taylor approaches the end of his tour, mixed emotions cause him to question his stated desire to return home. His fear and distaste for Viet Nam is equalled only by the darkness of the life waiting for him at home. This is emphasized when he runs into a buddy from home who makes it clear that Taylor will have his choice of two careers , being a drug dealer or being a pimp. Meanwhile, the re-enlistment officer SGT. RALPH CARLTON, is attempting to add Taylor to his infamously long list of recruited "re-uppers". Taylor tries to save his pride by complaining that Carlton had gotten him drunk and tricked him into re-enlisting.

The boy’s, infuriated by this , steal Taylor’s re-enlistment papers and shuffle him off on a Huey .When Carlton confronts Anderson with the theft, a verbal and physical battle erupts. In the end , Taylor returns just in time to stop Zeke from pounding Carlton’s face in. He tells the boys that Nam is his home and that they are his family.

Director: Charlie Correll                                            Writer : Bruce Reisman

Thomas Jerke Cook
Allen Cole  Captain Wells
David Yaddow Captain
Louise Dushkin  Vietnamese Maid
Marshall Bell Stg. Ralph Carlton
Glenn Plummer Duke Jackson