Blood Brothers

Retired MAJOR GENERAL GOLDMAN, SR ., (Goldman’s father) Is on a fact finding mission for Washington brass. He and Goldman have not spoken in six years (since Goldman’s mother committed suicide). Goldman, Sr, is dismayed by his son’s independent attitude in the field and by what he perceives to be a general slackness within the company. Meanwhile , a new recruit , ALVARO , is careless in the field one too many times and is killed. Ruiz had already figured out that the young soldier was "using" (heroin), but he decided to wait until they got back to the base to do anything about it.

Later both, Zeke and Goldman come to the same realisation and decide to quietly investigate drugs use on the base. Ruiz , on temporary "mellow out" assignment in Supply , discovers that the base connection in his new boss, SGT. RAY EXLEY. Being held hostage by Exley and the Vietnamese drug dealers, Ruiz is rescued by Zeke , our guys from Bravo and the Goldman’s .Having witnessed all this , Goldman Sr. returns to Washington believing his son is right , this is not the same war he is used to fighting.

Director : Charlie Correll                                         Writer : Christian Darren

Jon Cypher Major General Goldman
Leo Garcia Alvaro
Bruce Gray Lt. Col. Dalby
Les Lamon  ?
Kwan Hi Lim Papa San Dang
My Van Huynh  Vietnamese Bar Boy
Michael Adamshick Private
Wade Cambern Soldier

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